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Mitch Drimmer Axela Technologies

Mitch Drimmer
President of Business Development
Axela Technologies

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About the Author

Mitch Drimmer is a respected thought leader in his field and has led numerous continuing education classes in collections, His articles have been published in key trade journals and newspapers, and he is a speaker at educational seminars.

As the President of Business Development for Axela Technologies, Drimmer works with community associations and their management companies to introduce innovative strategies to collect delinquent maintenance fees.

Throughout his career, Drimmer has worked with community associations to help them see their way through tough times, especially during the real estate crash. He is a passionate advocate for community associations and has participated in the legislative process over the years trying to bring fair and equitable legislation that serves community associations.

Drimmer earned a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hunter College in New York City, and has worked in the community association collections space since 2007.

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