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After the Pandemic: A Whitepaper

Is Your Condo or HOA Prepared? How Community Associations Can Recover in the New Economy With a pandemic crippling the global economy,

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MOIXII Case Study

Case Study: Manors of Inverrary XII

How The Manors of Inverrary XII Slashed Delinquencies from 30% to 4% in just 12 months. Axela recovered over $300,000 in past due assessments. Read their story…

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CA COllectionsGuide

California Collections Guide

How can California community associations collect on delinquencies for owners who don’t pay on time? This new guide explains California laws and your collection options.

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Management Company Partnership Program

Be a hero to your community association clients when your management company partners with Axela Technologies. Learn more in this brochure.

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How to Reduce Your Condo/HOA Delinquency Rate [ebook]

Struggling with high delinquency rates in your community association? Learn how to reduce your delinquencies in this ebook from Axela Technologies.

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Board Member’s Guide to Condo Collections In Florida

Many Florida Condo associations are struggling with high legal fees and limited recovery of funds. Learn how to navigate the waters with this handy guide.

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Free Collections Analysis

Need a Better Cash Flow for Your Condo or HOA?

Your Collections process may be what's holding your budget back. Let us help with this free analysis of your collections process.

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