Technology-Based Collection Solutions For Your Condo or HOA

That benefit all stakeholders including Community Associations, Property Managers, Boards of Directors, and all members of your Condo or HOA.



EASY COLLECT : A proprietary collections solution that uses innovative technology and automation to deploy the most cost-effective, best of practices collection process.

HOMEOWNER ASSESSMENT ASSURANCE PROGRAM (HAAP): Allows Community Associations to receive delinquent past-due receivables IMMEDIATELY.


Axela is completely merit based. There are no out of pocket expenses or hidden fees. From the time of unit submission to when a unit is released, your Community Association will NEVER receive a bill for our services.


A tech-savvy approach with a human touch

AXELA’S  proprietary software platform automates the collection process, reducing costs to collect on a delinquent account. We pass those savings to the delinquent owner, so they can get back to paying their maintenance fees. AXELA’s platform integrates with the Community Association’s accounting software, providing the information we need to recover your funds fast.

We are a licensed and bonded collection agency and fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Telephone Communications Protection Act, as well as all state collection laws.


Get the money that is owed to you… TODAY

The Homeowner Assessment Assurance Program (HAAP) is AXELA’s flagship service. Community  Associations with delinquent units that meet the criteria required to enroll are eligible to receive immediate payment for delinquent receivables owed to the association. In addition, future delinquencies incurred by the association will be covered by HAAP.
Our Cash Flow Stabilization program can keep an association functioning by replicating a perfect cash flow scenario which may prevent the need for increases in maintenance fees or special assessments.

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If your Association uses TOPS Software, you can integrate your AXELA and TOPS accounts right away. Let us demonstrate how this TOPS approved module can eliminate the headaches delinquencies give your board of directors and community managers.
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AXELA connects with an HOA's accounting software

When a unit owner falls behind on his payments, AXELA automatically funds the HOA

AXELA becomes authorized assignee of the account, and collects directly from the owner

Fast, predictable transfers. Once you're set up, transfers arrive in your bank account within 24 hours after (excluding weekends and bank holidays) unit's assessment fees become past due.

Pricing: All of our delinquency servicing fees are the responsibility of the delinquent unit owner. Our fees and costs are deferred and at our risk.


Collections & Funding

No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

With our HAAP program units are funded immediately and the unit owner is put into our collections program.

We utilize best practice collections techniques escalating our actions in order to resolve a delinquency quickly by respectfully engaging your delinquent association member.

Our HAAP Program provides authentic, on time funding that assures your association can function properly, eliminating any cash-flow issues.

Easy Collect

Effective Collections

No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.

With our Easy Collect program units are entered into our system and the collection process begins. It all starts with a initial demand letter being sent out via certified mail as required by the FDCPA.

We utilize best of practice collections techniques escalating our actions in order to resolve a delinquency quickly by respectfully engaging your delinquent association member.

We continue to respectfully engage the unit owner making outbound calls, payment demands via mail, placing a lien on the unit and reporting them to credit bureaus


Owner friendly solutions that reduce delinquency rates.

Skip Tracing

Certified Mail Notices

Ledger Maintenance

Trained Customer Service Reps

Account Management

Respectful Outbound Calls

Payment Processing

Credit Bureau Reporting

Specialty Financing

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