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Take Control of Your Accounts Receivables

If your community association is suffering from high delinquency rates and long recovery times for delinquent fees, it’s time to take a proactive approach to community association collections.
The Consequences of Poor Collection Practices

When members of your HOA or Condo association pay late or have decided not to pay their fair share, it causes problems for everyone. Legal fees and dissent between the board and community members are just the start. A long-term pattern of delinquencies can affect your community's ability to become approved for government loans for new owners, or to get loans for capital improvements.

There is an alternative to a legal process of lien and foreclosure. A  collections process is the best alternative to foreclosure.

A Better Way to Manage Delinquencies

Axela-Technologies is a dedicated collections partner for HOA and Condo Associations. We work with you to get a jump on recovering delinquent funds quickly, painlessly and ethically.

How It Works

Watch this video to learn how Axela can put delinquent funds back into your community association's accounts at absolutely no risk.

Axela recovers for you, and we do it fast: On average, we’ll have the money in your community’s account within 67 days of the assessments becoming delinquent.

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Your Collections process may be what's holding your budget back. Let us help with this free analysis of your collections process.

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