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Community Association Assessments Calculator

How much should your condo or HOA charge for assessments? It’s not a trick question! This calculator will help you figure out what to put in your budget.

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Market Downturn

Protect Your Community From A Market Downturn [Whitepaper]

Odds are we are heading to another economic downturn. Is your community prepared? This whitepaper discusses some of the actions you can take.

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Rental Demand Letter

Sample Rental Demand Letter [FL]

If a unit in your Florida condo association is an investment property, you may be eligible to demand past-due assessments be paid by the renter in lieu of rent.

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Sample Collections Policy

Sample Uniform Collections Policy

Does your community have a uniform collections policy to cover your collections process? If not, download and customize this template!

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Free Collections Analysis

Need a Better Cash Flow for Your Condo or HOA?

Your Collections process may be what's holding your budget back. Let us help with this free analysis of your collections process.

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