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what board members need to know

HOA Boards of Directors…Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

The Dunning-Kruger effect describes a cognitive bias in which people of limited or no experience mistakenly assess their skill level as greater than it is…

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Old Dogs, Old Tricks: Once Again Banks are Abusing Homeowner Associations

Banks delaying foreclosure on delinquent mortgages hurts community associations more than it hurts the banks.

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special assessment blues

How to prevent “The Special Assessment Blues” in your Condo or HOA

Nobody likes to sing those Special Assessment Blues and a responsible board can avoid it by preparing a correct and proper budget, funding reserves, and addressing delinquency issues.

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Are there delinquencies your board of directors does not want to address?

Is your board of directors ignoring the elephant that is uncollected past due assessments? Take care of it now before it becomes a circus!

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Condo & HOA Collections In Condo & HOA Budget Time

A community association collections solution can save money over legal fees, plus prevent you from needing to write off a bunch of bad debt at the end of the year.

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HOAs & Condos…Beautiful Dreams or Horrific Nightmares

Buying a unit in a community association can be a wonderful experience, but if you are only looking at the property and not the community’s finances it can quickly turn out to be a nightmare.

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These are the people who don't pay

The Needy, The Greedy, & the Seedy. HOA & Condo Collections

In most cases the delinquent owners fall in to one of three categories: The Needy, The Greedy, and The Seedy. The only question remains is: How do we treat each one?

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CONDO & HOA COLLECTIONS… How to formulate a Uniform Collection Policy

All Community associations need a UCP (Uniform Collection Policy), but they are not as easy to formulate as you would think.  Here are some suggestions on how to go about putting together a UCP and, more importantly, enforcing it

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Condo and HOA Collections…Choosing the Right Solution

Can lost fees be recovered where the cost of the recovery does not exceed the recovery itself? Who should community associations turn to for Condo & HOA collections? 

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Solid Advice On Reserves for your Condo or HOA.

Our answers to commonly asked questions that we get from boards of directors regarding reserves

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Communication is good…Data Is Critical for Condos and HOAs

All the talking heads say communications is most important to condo and HOA management, but I believe data is critical.

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Community Association Document Management…Where does EVERYTHING go?

If your association does not have a document retention policy, you are flirting with risk and liability.

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