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coronavirus, recession, and condos and HOAs

Condos and HOAs in the time of Virus and Recession

We’ve been schooled on the benefits of washing our hands, social distancing, etc. What the pundits don’t say is the financial hit communities will endure from a coronavirus recession and how to address it.

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New Technology to Resolve Delinquencies in HOAs and Condos

Many people are uncomfortable talking about their debt issues over the phone. So why are collection agencies still using outdated methods to connect with debtors?

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Suspecting your Condo HOA board of mismanagement

5 Steps to Take if you Suspect Your HOA or Condo Board of Mismanaging Funds

What do you do if you suspect that your condo or HOA board of directors is mismanaging association funds?

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Just the facts on your delinquencies checklist

A Checklist for your Condo and HOA Delinquencies

The first step to a good collections process is establishing a fact pattern. This checklist covers all the questions you should have answers to before you begin.

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New laws make foreclosure obsolete

Association Foreclosures Are Obsolete

The times, they are a changing and with these new laws, association foreclosures may become a thing of the past.

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Is your attorney leveraging riders

Use Riders to Collect Delinquent HOA Fees

There are many ways to recover delinquent maintenance fees. Have you considered contacting the lender of a delinquent unit owner?

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before you buy a condo

Should I buy a condo with a 15% delinquency rate?

When buying a new condo, many potential homeowners fail to factor in the financial stability of the association. Delinquency rates can and will affect your family economy.

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How do you know if your association is under water

How Do You Know if Your HOA or Condo is Under Water?

Your Community Association could be in financial trouble and you wouldn’t know it until you get slapped with a special assessment. Here’s how to tell…

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Doing Collections Yourself? Here's What Your Board Needs To Know

Thinking of doing collections yourself for your community association? Here’s some advice to help…

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There's No Excuse for Not Paying Assessments

Homeowners have a lot of excuses for why they didn’t pay assessments. Here’s how to respond…

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What is missing from your budget

Most Boards Forget to Include This in Their Annual Budget [Free Calculator]

Don’t forget to incorporate this important factor into your annual budget…

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Do you have Difficult People in your Condo or HOA?

What to do when you have difficult people in your association, even if they are on the board…

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