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What You Need to Know About HOA Collection Underwriting

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Underwriting in HOA Collections

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn all you need to know about Collection Underwriting.

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What You Need to know when making outbound calls for Condo HOA Collections

Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Making Outbound Calls to Delinquent Homeowners

Outbound calls to delinquent homeowners seem simple, but they are highly regulated and can represent a liability if your organization does it wrong.

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Fair Debt Collection Laws

What You Need to Know About Fair Debt Collections Laws to Protect Your HOA

Debt collection done wrong can be expensive for your condo or HOA. Avoid mistakes by following Fair Debt Collections laws.

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Skip Tracing for HOA Collections

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Skip Tracing

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn all you need to know about skip tracing

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Collections Agency Buyers Guide

Do Your Due Diligence When Choosing An HOA Collection Agency

Considering a collections agency? Here are 7 things you should look at before choosing an HOA collection agency.

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Association Collections 101 - Assessments

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Community Association Assessments

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn all you need to know about community association assessments

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Virtual Board Meetings

Are Virtual Board Meetings Better for Community Associations?

The pandemic has forced us to make changes to the status quo. Virtual board meetings may be one thing that will stick even after the lockdown is over.

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Bad Debt In Community Associations

Why Does Bad Debt Happen In Community Associations?

When one homeowner doesn’t pay, the entire community suffers. Bad debt isn’t just the delinquent homeowner’s fault, it’s the board’s too…

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Community association assessment collections vs consumer debt

Is HOA & Condo Debt ‘Consumer Debt’?

Are delinquent assessments treated the same as consumer debt like credit cards when it comes to the law?

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Community Association Fund Recovery

Community Association Fund Recovery For Your Safety

HOA collections is a matter of security and cannot be delayed. Prioritize community association fund recovery over punishment.

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Rent vs. Condo / HOA Assessments

Rent Is Not the Same as HOA Assessments

Everybody pays for shelter, whether you own or buy. But is a Condo or HOA Assessment the same as rent? And what happens if you don’t pay your maintenance fees?

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covid-19 relief questions for community associations

Should Homeowners Pay Maintenance Fees, and Other COVID-19 Relief Questions

Foreclosures deferred, mortgages on pause and amenities closed – Coronavirus has brought a lot of change to community associations. And with change comes questions. We have the answers.

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