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Unethical collection practices

HOA and Condo Statutes Can’t Be Changed Just Because You Don’t Like Them! Why Would a Law Firm Do That?


Unethical collection practices are often conducted right under your nose, under the guise of good legal practice. It’s the community association that pays the price. Take a recent example of an association in Florida…

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Association Collections 101 - Initial Demand Letters.png

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Initial Demand Letters

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn why the initial demand letter is important, what the law says, and what you need to do to stay out of legal troubles.

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What does an HOA collection agency do?

What Does an HOA Collection Agency Do?

If the governing documents don’t specify, is it legal to hire a 3rd party collections agent and what does an hoa collection agency do?

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Ethical Collections Matters for HOAs and Condos

Why Ethical Collections Really Matters for HOAs and Condominium Associations

Ethical Collections is about more than just doing the right thing. It is in the best interest of your association financials, and homeowner relations…

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HOA Foreclosures National Shame

Condo and HOA Lien Foreclosures…A National Shame

For too long, community associations have been a national disgrace, rather than a source of national pride. If we want the bad press over lien foreclosures to stop, we need to make a change.

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Collections tools for self-managed

Collections Tools for Self-Managed HOAs & Condos

Ideally, all unit owners pay their assessments on time. But what happens when they don’t? What collections tools for self-managed communities are available?

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Payment Plans for Delinquent Assessments

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Payment Plans

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn all you need to know about payment plans for delinquent assessments.

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Is a specialized collections company right for you?

Why A Specialized Collections Company Makes Sense for Your Community Association

Is a specialized collections company right for your community association? If your board is reluctant to consider a collections agency, here are the facts.

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Virtual Event Lessons

VIrtual Event Lessons: The New Normal for Community Association Education

Pandemic or not, continuing education, training and meetings still need to be conducted. Virtual Events are filling the gaps. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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dont write off lost assessments

Don’t Write Off Lost Assessments: What To Do When Lenders Foreclose

What do you do when lenders foreclose and your condo or HOA is positioned to lose money? Should you write off lost assessments, or is there another option?

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community association liens

Condo/HOA Collections 101: Community Association Liens

In our series covering the basics of Condo and HOA Collections, Learn all you need to know about community association liens.

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Cash Flow Fable

Safeguarding Your Community’s Cash Flow

A perfect cash flow doesn’t have to be a fairy tale. Simply follow the yellow brick road and let the wizards at Axela help!

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