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Who Collects HOA Fees?

Who Collects Condo and HOA Fees and Assessments? What Happens to the Money?

HOA fees and assessments are the lifeblood of a community association. But why is that so? Understanding how and why your community collects fees is important to understanding your part in your condo association or HOA.

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Shifting the Emotional Burden of Condo and HOA Delinquency

Shifting the Emotional Burden of Condo and HOA Delinquency

HOA delinquency is a common problem many communities face. Homeowners and condo association board members shouldn’t have to handle the emotional turmoil unpaid assessments bring.

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Axela Hero Owner Files Bankruptcy 2

Community Association Collections 101: What Happens When An Owner Files For Bankruptcy?

Community association collections are hard enough with standard delinquency. Throw homeowner bankruptcy into the mix and you’ve got a real pickle on your hands. Here’s how to handle such a tricky situation.

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Axela Hero Trad VS hoa Blog

Traditional Collection Methods Versus the HOA Business Model (A Case Study)

Traditional collection methods leave a lot to be desired for HOAs and condo associations. See how Axela was able to help a community association when those other collection methods fell short.

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Axela Hero Bankruptcy collections

Can my HOA Collect if the Homeowner Declares Bankruptcy?


When a homeowner declares bankruptcy, is the HOA or condo association still able to collect? In such a challenging situation, it’s essential to take the right steps and consult with specialized collections experts.

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Fishy Legal Tactics HOA Attorneys Have Used for Collections

Attorneys are always looking for new ways to make the most money, even HOA attorneys. Time and again we’ve seen the tricks they use claiming to try to collect for your association, but really they’re just lining their own pockets.

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Outsourcing to Grow Your Association Management Company

Outsourcing to Grow Your Association Management Company

Having trouble finding good talent to grow your association management company? You are not alone. Our industry is experiencing a talent shortage. Time to consider outsourcing.

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Community Association Document Retention

The Mystery of the Missing Minutes: How Community Association Document Retention Protects Against Liability

When did that rule get changed? Who voted, and when? It should be in the meeting minutes, but where did they go?

By the time you get sued, it will be too late to go back and implement a Community Association Document Retention policy. You need to put it in place now!

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Lawyer for HOA Collections

Why Is Your Community Association Still Using a Lawyer for HOA Collections?

Should you contact your lawyer for HOA collections? Calling in the big guns may sound good, but it can also cost huge fees that may end up coming back to the association in the long run.

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Axela uncomplicates HOA and condo association collections laws

Easily Comply with Changing State Association Collections Laws Using Axela Technologies

State community association collections laws are complicated, varied, and seem to be constantly changing. If you’re not in compliance, you could be opening yourself up to liability issues!

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Do homestead exemptions affect a community association's ability to collect?

Homesteading and the Homestead Exemption: 3 Things to Know for Your HOA

What is a homestead exemption? Can a community association collect on a property that has one? Is homesteading related? We’re breaking down everything your community needs to know about a homestead exemption.

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super liens are nice for community associations but not necessary

Super Liens: Nice, but Not Necessary

Super liens or priority liens allow community associations to collect on the debt owed to them before other lien holders. Cutting the lien line with a super lien sounds like a nice benefit to have, but it surely isn’t one you need. Community associations can recover on debt even without the advantage of a priority lien.

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