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super liens are nice for community associations but not necessary

Super Liens: Nice, but Not Necessary

Super liens or priority liens allow community associations to collect on the debt owed to them before other lien holders. Cutting the lien line with a super lien sounds like a nice benefit to have, but it surely isn’t one you need. Community associations can recover on debt even without the advantage of a priority lien.

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It's OK to walk away from a potential client

Priced Out: Should I Lower My Prices or Walk Away?

Community management companies are often faced with a hard decision: Do I lower my prices, or do I lose the sale? Sometimes walking away can be the right thing to do – for your business and for your reputation.

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Axela - The Effect of Rising Inflation on your community budget

Ignoring the Impact of Inflation Can Be Disastrous to Your Community Association Budget

Increases in the Consumer Price Index tell us that inflation is on the rise. Are you accounting for it in your community association budget this year? If you fail to plan, the consequences could be disastrous.

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Condo Lessons from the Surfside Disaster

What Lessons Will Condominium Associations Learn from The Surfside Disaster?

The Community Association Industry is still reeling from the Surfside condo collapse disaster. Will Condo Associations the lessons it has to teach?

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Don't Get Sued Get AXELA

Don’t Get Sued, Get Axela!


Is your community association indemnified from legal action resulting from collection activities? If not, new legislation could put you in danger of being sued. Want to get paid without risking it all? It’s time to get Axela.

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Beware Predatory HOA Collection Solutions

Beware of Predatory HOA Collection ‘Solutions’

Buyer Beware! Not all collection solutions are created equal. HOAs and Condo associations should be educated to protect themselves against antiquated and predatory HOA collection practices that cause more harm than good.

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HOA Collection Case Files

What Would You Do? HOA Collection Case Files

In this edition of HOA Collection Case Files, we explore a case where the owner has passed, owing the association 17k, and a 13k tax certificate. The heir cannot afford to pay, and the estate is scheduled for a tax sale. What would you do to recover for this community?

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Fair Collections Everyone in Your Association Can Smile About

Fair Collections Everyone In Your Association Can Smile About


Condo and HOA Collections don’t need to be unfair. Merit-based solutions exist to make fair collections – a win-win for both the community and the homeowner.

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HOA Lien Foreclosure is so 2008

Condo and HOA Lien / Foreclosures are so 2008


The financial crisis of 2008 may have ended, but community associations are still acting like it’s 2008 when it comes to Condo & HOA Lien / Foreclosure.

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Pre-Foreclosure Anaysis

Pre-Foreclosure Analysis: What Boards of Directors Need to Know Before They Make the Decision to Foreclose

To foreclose, or not to foreclose? That is the question… With a complete and comprehensive Pre-Foreclosure Analysis from Axela Technologies, your board of directors can now make an informed decision and save money.

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The 4 Ps in Condominium Govenranance

The Four Problem “P’s” in Condominium Governance Has a New “P” (it’s Packages)

Parking, Pets, People, and Petunias (landscaping). These 4 Ps are the recurring problems that condo associations face. Now, there’s a fifth “P” causing a world of problems: Packages.

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Courts smackdown shady lending practices

Oregon Supreme Court Smacks Down Lending Practices That Hurt Community Associations

Even with priority liens, banks and lenders continue to expect community associations to pick up their slack, and then use the courts to excuse their dirty lending practices and throw HOAs under the bus.

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