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The FHA has changed the rules for condos

The FHA has made it easier than ever for Condo Associations to get approved…

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Lions Tigers and Budgets

Condo and HOA Budget Season

Budget season doesn’t have to be scary. Here’s some solid advice to help you prepare your annual budget…

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Read Your Governing Docs

An Easy Guide to Understanding Condo and HOA Governing Documents

Every member of a community association should be familiar with its governing documents. Here’s what you need to look for…

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FHA Approval Can Raise Property Values…Don’t let Condo Delinquencies Stand in the Way

Your guide to FHA Approval for your condominium association is inside…

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Alternative to Foreclosure

HOA Collections… A Better Alternative To Foreclosure

Foreclosure costs the community association more than you are likely to recover. Try this an alternative where everyone wins…

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Why Your Community Association Needs a Uniform Collection Policy

Struggling with the procedures to collect on delinquent assessments? Here’s a blueprint policy for your board to adopt…

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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Past Due Maintenance Fees

Collecting Past Due Maintenance Fees is both an art and a science. Learn what NOT to do when a unit becomes delinquent. 

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Delinquencies do not make for good neighbors in Condos and HOAs

Running the association as a zero-dollar business is necessary, but it creates a fragile economy. If a single owner misses just one payment, it could compromise the entire association.

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what board members need to know

HOA Boards of Directors…Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

The Dunning-Kruger effect describes a cognitive bias in which people of limited or no experience mistakenly assess their skill level as greater than it is…

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Old Dogs, Old Tricks: Once Again Banks are Abusing Homeowner Associations

Banks delaying foreclosure on delinquent mortgages hurts community associations more than it hurts the banks.

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special assessment blues

How to prevent “The Special Assessment Blues” in your Condo or HOA

Nobody likes to sing those Special Assessment Blues and a responsible board can avoid it by preparing a correct and proper budget, funding reserves, and addressing delinquency issues.

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Are there delinquencies your board of directors does not want to address?

Is your board of directors ignoring the elephant that is uncollected past due assessments? Take care of it now before it becomes a circus!

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