Easy Collect

Easy Collect

Easy Collect™

Proactive Collections for Communities

Axela's Easy Collect™ Identifies and Resolves Delinquencies, Fast.

Community Associations are often burdened by owners not paying their maintenance fees on time, and we believe this is simply unfair. The consequences are higher maintenance fees, reduction of services, and a waste of management time and resources.

Easy Collect is Axela’s flagship collections platform designed to be easy, automated, efficient, at no cost and no risk to your community association. Our job is to discover the delinquency quickly and resolve it at a minimum cost to the delinquent owner and no cost or risk to the association and the good paying owners.

Focused on Recovery, Not Punishment

With Easy Collect™, we take a proactive approach to collections. We start by identifying delinquencies right away through our financial package integrations. Immediately, we jump to action, starting with a demand letter, and escalating to outbound calls followed by legal action, if necessary. We'll follow your association's governing documents, uniform collection policy, state and federal laws to insure a proper process that treats delinquent owners as people, not paychecks.

Example Workflow

  • Underwriting of each ledger

  • Public Records Review

  • Send FDCPA Demand Letter

  • 30-Day Waiting Period

  • Outbound Collection Calls

  • Full Payment or Payment Plan

  • Send Pre-Lien Notification

  • 30-45 Day Waiting Period

  • Continue Outreach

  • Lien Filed

Benefits of Easy Collect™

High-Tech Advantage

Our proprietary technology allows us to understand the position of each delinquent unit.


All fees are paid by the delinquent owner and NOT the community association.

No Risk

All fees are deferred until money is collected. We take on all the risk so you don't have to.

Ethical Treatment

We make every effort to work with delinquent owners, and we won't bury them in outrageous fees.

Full Transparency

We provide your manager and Board of Directors with easy to understand monthly reports. You'll have access to your customer portal 24/7 so you can instantly check the status of any account.

Speedy Recovery

Our average recovery time is 67 days. Compare that to a lien judgement where you then have to rent out the unit and collect rental fees!


Axela works to recover all collection fees from the delinquent unit owner, subsequent purchaser or foreclosing bank on behalf of the association.


Legal Action

If your goal is to litigate and foreclose, then an attorney is the right choice. But keep in mind that punishing delinquent owners does nothing to recover lost funds!

More Details

Compare Axela To Other Collection Agencies

Easy Collect is not only merit-based, our fees are based on your governing documents. Our collection fees to the delinquent owner are the equivalent to the late fees and late interest your association can charge as per your governing documents. Other collection agencies often add burdensome “junk fees” to their collection cases or take a percentage of the amounts collected.

Fully Transparent Pricing Structure

Aside for the late interest and late fees charged to the delinquent owner by the association the only other costs are $150.00 for the underwriting, and if we get to the stage that we need to have an attorney place a lien on a unit there is a $300.00 charge. Keep in mind that these fees and costs are passed on to the delinquent owner so if we do not recover them the association is not responsible. It’s all in our agreement. Our fees are deferred and at our risk.

Delinquency Resolution Timelines (What to Expect)

Our average recovery time is 67 days. Through our process, we can bring certain units to resolution quickly. However, other units may have to wait for a first mortgagee to foreclose or complete a short sale. Our goal is to engage the owner to bring about a better resolution for all parties and work to maximize the amount recovered for the association.

What if An Account Is Already With the Attorney?

If you have delinquent accounts that have already been placed with an attorney, you can transfer them to Axela to attempt recovery first. Be sure to provide us any costs or fees you have paid for (or been billed for) collections so we can add them to the ledger (if not already done) and we will work to collect them as part of the overall collection.

No Restrictive Contract

Our agreement can be canceled at any time. However, upon any termination, units already in collections with Axela will continue to be serviced by Axela until resolution.

No Risk to you. We carry any liability

We are a fully licensed consumer collections agency in each state in which we operate.

Our practices are fully compliant with federal and state laws, and our services are structured and insured so that the client carries none of the responsibility should anything go awry with the collections process.


Ready For Easy Collections?

Try Easy Collect at no risk to your association or management company. Click here to schedule a free collections analysis to see if Axela is right for you!