Integrate CINC with Axela to Take Your Collections to the Next Level

Integrate World-Class Collections Automation with your Community Association Accounting Software

CINC provides the tools managers need to make community management a breeze, but collections can be a really tricky beast. Working with attorneys is costly and separates delinquent owner data from the rest of your CINC information. With Axela, CINC clients have a better option.

Axela Technologies is a specialized collections solution dedicated to the community association management industry. We offer HOAs and condominium associations an ethical approach to debt recovery. We monitor your Accounts Receivables so you don’t have to, eliminating the burden on you to determine which homeowners should be sent to collections and when. Our approach to collections focuses on a human approach, minimizing pain and awkwardness of the situation by giving homeowners a chance to resolve their debts on their time. Plus, with real-time reporting, you’re kept in the loop every step of the way.

If you want:

  • Instantaneous Action
  • No Cost Referrals
  • Fast Fund Recovery
  • Full Transparency
  • No Data Silos

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What it Costs You


Axela carries NO COST and NO RISK of liability to community associations or management companies. If we don't collect, we don't get paid. Period.

Get Your Money


The average time it takes Axela to hand over a check with your collected fees once an account has been turned over for collections

No Foreclosures


The percentage of cases Axela takes on that are resolved WITHOUT RESORTING TO FORECLOSURE

More Details

How much do Axela’s Services cost the Association or Management Co?

Nothing. Zip. Nada. All collection efforts and costs are at our risk, deferred, and passed through to the delinquent property owner. Neither the management company nor the association will receive a bill from Axela for our efforts. Our motto is “if we don’t collect, we don’t get paid.”

How do these costs compare to our current collection provider?

We estimate that our services save the association, and ultimately the owner, anywhere between 40%-70% when compared with alternative services. The vast majority of the Axela collection process is automated, which enables us to keep our costs low, helping delinquent owners get on the right track easier and more quickly. The idea is to recover money NOT a long, drawn-out litigation process.

Our management company does collections in-house. Do we need Axela?

Axela works with management companies that offer in-house collections to understand their processes and craft a more efficient solution - at a cheaper rate for the management company and the association. Talk to an Axela representative for a free consultation.

What type of transparency can we expect when working with Axela?

Axela prides itself on being the most transparent collections solution on the market. Every single “touch” with homeowners is memorialized and made available to managers and their boards. This includes all email exchanges, recordings of phone conversations, and detailed tickets, to name a few.

Do you work with owners to craft payment plans?

Yes, each association determines their payment plan parameters, and owners are invited to craft their own payment plans based on these parameters. The board sets the rules, and Axela operates within those rules.

What does Axela do differently from our Attorney who currently handles our collections?

Axela does not seek to replace your attorney, but rather to insert an additional step between a courtesy letter and foreclosure proceedings. Attorneys are expensive and should only be utilized when there are no other options besides foreclosure, which should be the measure of last resort, not the first. Axela focuses on respectful engagement with delinquent owners to help them avoid foreclosure. And it works! Over 95% of files sent to Axela get resolved without having to escalate to an attorney.