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More Than Just an HOA Collections Agency

At Axela Technologies, we often shy away from the term 'collections agency' because we are so much more than that.

We Focus on Condo and HOA Collections:

We exclusively serve the community association industry. That means that our agents are trained and knowledgeable about the industry, and how to speak to delinquent homeowners. All of our personnel, practices and technology are tailored to meet the needs of collections for homeowners associations, condos and co-ops.

When it Comes to Charges, We Follow your CC&Rs:

Where other collection agencies might try to buy your HOA assessment debt, or charge the association for the privilege of collecting for them, we follow the rules of the community's governing documents. We don't charge the association anything to take on an account, and we only charge the homeowner the regular fees that are allowed under the association's collections policy. The association gets 100% of the principle you are owed when we collect for you.

We Show Our Work, Every Step of the Way:

Every action we take, every interaction we have with your homeowners, gets recorded in our online portal. That means that your board members and management team have real-time access to what's happening with an account. Every call is recorded, and easily played back on our portal, every dollar we collect for you is instantly visible. You can create reports at the click of a button to share with the whole board the status of the accounts in active collections.

We Create Technology to Streamline Association Collections:

We don't just spam your debtors with outbound calls (although we do have a highly efficient call center!) We create technology to do collections smarter, not harder. For example, we created a payment portal for debtors to give them a self-service way to resolve their debt and avoid annoying phone calls and emails.

We Practice Ethical Collections:

We firmly believe that being late on paying assessments should not be a reason that someone is forced to become homeless. We work with your homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure and set up a plan to pay the association in a timely manner. We do not pile on extra fees and fines to pad our pockets, while making it impossible to pay off the debt.

We Absorb the Risk for You:

Axela is a fully licensed consumer collections agency in each state in which we operate. Our practices are fully compliant with federal and state laws, and our services are structured and insured so that the client carries none of the responsibility should anything go awry with the collections process.

The Axela Suite of Products

Easy Collect™

Easy Collect™

Your collection process begins immediately. It starts with an initial demand letter, outbound calls from our domestic call center, credit bureau reporting, and liens filed when necessary. You can track and manage the entire process in the Axela Portal.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Credit Bureau Reporting

Reward good payers and establish consequences for delinquent owners. Now your association can report to credit bureaus who pays on time and who doesn't, just like credit card companies and other consumer creditors do.

Pre-Foreclosure Analysis

Pre-Foreclosure Analysis

Predict if you can recover the funds your association is owed before initiating costly legal proceedings. The Pre-Foreclosure Analysis gives you a complete financial picture of the unit to help your board make a prudent decision.

Post Foreclosure Recovery

Post Foreclosure Recovery

Have you written off bad debt due to bank foreclosure, tax deed sale, or restrictive governing docs? Most of this debt can be pursued and recovered. Axela's post foreclosure recovery program works on 100% contingency. No cost, no risk. Just collect your checks!


Since partnering with Axela, our associations have seen a significant spike in collections activity, without being handed a huge legal bill. And we get to take all the credit.

Martin Laderman, President & CEO of mem Property Management

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