Don't ignore delinquencies

It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Delinquencies and talk about the Elephant in the Room

It's Time to Talk About the Elephant in the Room

You can't ignore delinquencies in your community association. Poor collections can cost your association more in legal fees, prevent you from getting approved for loans, and cause dissent between members. So what is your board going to do about it?

You Can't Afford to Ignore Delinquencies in your Association

Let Axela help you deal with the elephant in the room by addressing delinquencies before they become too big

Delinquencies are the elephant in the room, and it's sitting there while many boards of directors are choosing to ignore it.

When members of your HOA or Condo association pay late or have decided not to pay their fair share, it causes problems for everyone. Legal fees and dissent between the board and community members are just the start. A long-term pattern of delinquencies can affect your community's ability to become approved for government loans for new owners, or to get loans for capital improvements.

There is an alternative to a legal process of lien and foreclosure. A collections process is the best alternative to foreclosure.

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