Reduce Delinquencies in Your HOA or Condo Association

Community Association Collections to Reduce Delinquencies

Reduce Delinquencies in Your HOA or COndo Association

Tired of owners not paying their fair share? Its time to implement a collections solution.

Axela HOA Collections

A Proven Solution to Reduce Delinquencies in Community Associations

Writing Off Bad Debt is Not the Answer

When a homeowner doesnt pay, the burden of supporting the community falls to the members in good standing. That is neither fair, nor sustainable. To make matters worse, referring delinquent owners to an attorney results in high legal fees, foreclosures, and empty homes in your community. Rarely does a foreclosure result in full recovery of delinquent assessments, leaving the board to write off the bad debt year over year.

This is not a sustainable business model, and high delinquencies often become a cascading failure.Foreclosure should be the last resort. Your association needs a proven solution that will keep families in their homes, recover your delinquent assessments, and reduce delinquencies overall,

What you need is a specialized Condo/HOA collections solution.

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Now is the time to make a change. Don't wait until you've racked up legal fees and your cash flow is so out of whack that you need to enact a special assessment and write off bad debt!

Axela’s solutions can help you now to recover the money owed to your association.

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"Axela works with complete transparency, engages the delinquent members in a helpful and respectful manner, and should be considered the standard of operational excellence in the community association and collections field."

- Mary @ Coronado Towers

How The Future Collects

Secure Delinquencies

Traditionally a board of directors will have their management company send a delinquent file to an attorney for collections. The question is: Are attorneys collecting or merely foreclosing on your neighbors property? Are you receiving checks from your attorney from delinquent owners or titles to properties that you have to then monetize?

HOA collections should be about recovery, not punishment. At Axela Technologies, our technology keeps eyes on the prize, with the goal of empowering the recovery of every cent that is owed to your association in a civilized and efficient manner.

Advanced Technology

Collections is traditionally an outdated industry, relying on phone calls and threats to get the job done. At Axela, we believe that ethical collections is not only possible, but necessary for success.

Our tools bring collections operations into the modern age by leveraging email, SMS, self-service, transparent reporting, and recorded calls our clients can review online. On the back end, our process relies on information gathering and prediction algorithms that help determine the best way to approach each individual case, making sure you have access to all the facts.

Human Connection

Delinquent homeowners are real people with genuine problems that need to be addressed. When building collections solutions, we never forget that they will have an impact on people’s homes and their very lives.

Even in this digital age, the value of a real live human being cannot be underestimated. The processes ingrained in our technology-driven solutions combine our advanced technology and expertise with a human touch to construct a resolution that serves both the homeowner and the association. Our goal is to empower clients to engage with homeowners on their terms, listen to them, and help them get on the right track. It’s good for the membership and great for your community association.