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Collection Laws: Federal and States

Collection Laws in Every State

How The State and Federal Government Regulates Collections

Collection Laws By State

While every state must follow federal regulations, most states have additional laws that regulate how debt collectors interact with consumers, and may also regulate collections specifically when dealing with common interest developments. At Axela, we build compliant solutions for every state. Use the map below to access the complete guide to your state.

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Axela Technologies provides collections software for community associations using best practice collections strategies, advanced proprietary technology, and highly trained customer service representatives. Our knowledge and expertise ensure a solution that is compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The FDCPA is a federal law that prevents debt collectors from harassing or misleading consumers. It covers debt collection for mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, medical debt and other types of debt for personal use. Many states have their own fair debt collection laws as well. Some of these laws mirror the FDCPA. However, some offer more protection to consumers by, for example, covering creditors as well as collectors, specifying additional types of behavior that violate state law, or providing for additional types of damages.

US Federal Laws affecting community associations

HOA and Condo Delinquency Collection For Community Associations.

We are a specialized collections platform which means a great deal in the community association industry. Understanding the nuances of how people fall behind in their maintenance fee payments and how to resolve their issues is a science and an art. At Axela Technologies we build solutions that have what it takes to help you “move the needle” and recover 100% of what is owed to the association.

Our proprietary software is second to none and has the ability to keep the management and board of directors informed in real time 24/7. Our system never sleeps.

Federal Collection Laws

FDCPA Regulation F

New FDCPA Regulation F: How It Impacts Your Condo/HOA

The new FDCPA Regulation F cements a new set of prohibited collection practices tooled for the modern era. Here’s what HOAs and condo associations need to know.

Fair Debt Collection Laws

What You Need to Know About Fair Debt Collections Laws to Protect Your HOA

Debt collection done wrong can be expensive for your condo or HOA. Avoid mistakes by following Fair Debt Collections laws.


The FHA has changed the rules for condos

The FHA has made it easier than ever for Condo Associations to get approved…

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