Protect Your Community From A Market Downturn [Whitepaper]

Protect Your Community From A Market Downturn [Whitepaper]

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Many experts believe that we are heading toward a downward correction caused by over-supply and thinning demand.

Rising interest rates in the overall economy will simply add fuel to the fire – for every increase of 100 basis points on 10-year Treasuries, the average monthly payment on a mortgage will rise by 11 percent, making it more expensive to buy a home, and thus depressing demand.

Historical data shows that there is a clear inverse relationship between real estate values and delinquency rates (values go down, delinquencies go up). Those who find themselves in the unfortunate position of owning a property that is worth less than what they paid for it are more likely to default on their community association maintenance fee payments.

Your board can't do anything about rising interest rates or inflation, but you CAN control your community's delinquency rate.

Collecting assessments early and regularly greatly reduces negative pricing pressure and can help your community navigate safely through the storm of an economic downturn.

This whitepaper will show you the options that are available to you, and reveal which technologies can help your board of directors retain control to protect your community's financial stability.

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