How to Reduce Your Condo/HOA Delinquency Rate [ebook]

How to Reduce Your Condo/HOA Delinquency Rate [ebook]

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Lower Your Delinquency Rate

Community Associations Don't Have to live with the Consequences of nonpaying homeowners

ReduceDelinquenciesCoverReducing delinquencies is the board’s fiduciary duty. In a community association, as in any business, accounts receivable and cash flow are critical to the health of the organization. When some members do not pay their share, the whole community suffers. Some of those consequences can be dire, and affects every member equally.

There is no magic bullet to reduce delinquency rates. But there are techniques that work. For over 20 years, our team have been working to help communities reduce or eliminate bad debt, encourage homeowners to pay on time, and helping communities recover delinquent funds.

We've taken everything we've learned over the years and put it all into a free book that will give you the same techniques that we use to help our clients reduce delinquencies, all but eliminate bad debt write-offs, and see significant savings on legal fees.

What's Inside:

In this eBook, you will learn step-by-step how to reduce delinquency rates in your HOA or Condo Association, including:

  • The dangerous consequences of high delinquencies
  • How to respond to excuses when people choose not to pay
  • The questions you need to answer to properly manage delinquencies
  • Collection processing tips, plus warnings that could get you in trouble with the law
  • Do-it-Yourself solutions to collect on delinquent assessments
  • An in-depth look at the professional options available for association collections
  • Tips on how to increase compliance in your community while keeping costs down

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How to reduce delinquencies

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