TOPS Software Partners with Axela Technologies to Provide Community Associations with Fully Automated Collection Solutions

TOPS Software announces new integration with Axela Technologies to provide TOPS users with additional options to collect on delinquent assessments.

CLEARWATER, FLA. (PRWEB) APRIL 13, 2018TOPS Software, LLC, leading provider of accounting based community association management software for Condo, Co-Op and Homeowners Associations, has announced its partnership with Axela Technologies, a collections and specialty financing firm. This integration will allow TOPS customers to automatically share data points like homeowner delinquency status and historical metrics directly from their TOPS products, including their cloud-based solution, TOPS [ONE].

TOPS [ONE] unifies accounting and management into an all-in-one platform for every aspect of Condo, Homeowners Association and Co-Op management. This is accomplished via TOPS Connect, TOPS Software’s Application Program Interface (API), through which client data can be securely connected to numerous industry service providers.

“TOPS Software is pleased to offer a platform to our clients that can seamlessly integrate with industry service providers like Axela through our TOPS Connect API,” says David Black, Partnerships Executive at TOPS Software. “The more integrations we provide, the more options clients have to service their customers and build their business.”

Axela Technologies, a licensed and insured collections agency available in all 50 states, has developed an automated solution that empowers associations to manage their collections processes—specifically delinquent accounts receivable. Axela’s proprietary algorithm pulls from dozens of external data points to underwrite and analyze the risk of recovery, and advances funds based on the perceived risk.

“Our partnership with TOPS Software will allow community associations across the country to access our services to improve their cash flow, taking the burden of collections off the backs of property managers and boards of directors,” said Mitchell Drimmer, Vice President of Axela Technologies. “The partnership further strengthens TOPS’ position in the marketplace and showcases their commitment to embracing innovative technologies to better serve their clients.”

Axela’s solutions serve as an efficient and effective alternative to engaging community association attorneys. “We manage a collections process, NOT a legal process,” said Mr. Drimmer, “and it’s all merit based. If we don’t collect our fees and costs when a unit settles out, the association does not have to pay us anything.”This partnership will open new doors for associations looking for innovative ways to not only rectify their collections process, but to better understand the process as a whole so that they can make decisions for the future of their collections needs.


Axela Technologies provides automated solutions to help community associations manage and address their delinquent account receivables. Axela’s existing suite of products include several collections and specialty financing options designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the recovery process. Axela’s technology platform seamlessly moves collections through helpful & friendly engagement with delinquent owners that is entirely compliant with the FDCA, TCPA and FCRA. Learn more about Axela at


TOPS Software helps community association management professionals save time and effort in managing condominiums and homeowner’s associations. TOPS technology empowers management companies to focus on growing their business and delighting their clients while reducing their labor costs. Learn more about TOPS at

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