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Discussions regarding foreclosure, mortgage lenders, banks, and the legal side of community association collections by attorneys.

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How the Future Collects

Foreclosure is obsolete

Association Foreclosures Are Obsolete

By Mitch Drimmer / 8 January, 2020

The times, they are a changing and with these new laws, association foreclosures may become a thing of the past.

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Use Riders to Collect from the Primary Mortgagor

Use Riders to Collect Delinquent HOA Fees

By Mitch Drimmer / 17 December, 2019

There are many ways to recover delinquent maintenance fees. Have you considered contacting the lender of a delinquent unit owner?

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Alternative to Foreclosure

HOA Collections… A Better Alternative To Foreclosure

By Mitch Drimmer / 27 June, 2019

Foreclosure costs the community association more than you are likely to recover. Try this an alternative where everyone wins…

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banks abusing associations

Old dogs old tricks Once again The Banks are Abusing Homeowner Associations

By Mitch Drimmer / 27 November, 2018

Banks delaying foreclosure on delinquent mortgages hurts community associations more than it hurts the banks.

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How Units Settle Out

Community Association Collections: How Units Settle Out

By Mitch Drimmer / 23 January, 2018

There are six ways a delinquent HOA or Condo unit will settle out. All of these ways are discussed in this article about Community Association Collections Collections.

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lawyers for collections

Condo & HOA Collections: Why Lawyers Are Not The Solution.

By Mitch Drimmer / 15 January, 2018

Lawyers are great for collections if you want to foreclose, but how do you plan to actually recover those lost funds?

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