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The Infinite Game in Condo Governance

The Infinite Game in Condo Governance

By Mitch Drimmer / 8 September, 2022

Some games are finite, timed and measured. Other are infinite, unending. Condo governance is an infinite game, but too many play it like there’s a score to be kept.

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Are Outside Investors Eating Up Your HOA?

3 Ways Outside Investors Could Hurt Your HOA (And 3 Simple Solutions)

By Mitch Drimmer / 19 May, 2022

Outside investors buying into community associations can lead to increased homeowner apathy from absentee homeowners. Here’s what that can cause, and how to push back.

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Community Association Document Retention

The Mystery of the Missing Minutes: How Community Association Document Retention Protects Against Liability

By Mitch Drimmer / 23 September, 2021

When did that rule get changed? Who voted, and when? It should be in the meeting minutes, but where did they go?

By the time you get sued, it will be too late to go back and implement a Community Association Document Retention policy. You need to put it in place now!

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It's OK to walk away from a potential client

Priced Out: Should I Lower My Prices or Walk Away?

By Mitch Drimmer / 12 August, 2021

Community management companies are often faced with a hard decision: Do I lower my prices, or do I lose the sale? Sometimes walking away can be the right thing to do – for your business and for your reputation.

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The 4 Ps in Condominium Govenranance

The Four Problem “P’s” in Condominium Governance Has a New “P” (it’s Packages)

By Mitch Drimmer / 27 May, 2021

Parking, Pets, People, and Petunias (landscaping). These 4 Ps are the recurring problems that condo associations face. Now, there’s a fifth “P” causing a world of problems: Packages.

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