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Playing the HOA – A Continuing Study in Audacity (Part I)

By Guest Poster / 4 October, 2023

How to abuse the bankruptcy court and your HOA at the same time. By Michael Jenner, MBA, as told to Mitchell Drimmer, CAM Background:  This case study revolves around a homeowner’s association (HOA) located in the State of California dealing with a property owned by six individuals that has been plagued by chronic delinquency since 2008. The association embarked on a journey to recover the long-standing debt through non-judicial foreclosure. However, the owners resorted to a series of bankruptcy filings to delay and evade the sale, leading the HOA to uncover a history of repeat fraudulent bankruptcy filings. Challenges Faced: Resolution: The combination of the in-rem order, the granted relief from the automatic stay, and the association’s decision to bring in […]

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Why deferring

Why Deferring Common Area Repairs Could Cost You Thousands

By Mitch Drimmer / 19 September, 2023

By: Mitchell Drimmer, CAM As a homeowner, you want to ensure your property is well-maintained and secure. However, deferring maintenance of common areas could lead to increased expenses that cost your HOA thousands of dollars. In this article, we will explore the hidden costs that arise from deferred maintenance and provide practical tips on how to avoid them. From increased repair fees to legal expenses related to lawsuits, we will delve into the real-life consequences of delaying common area repairs. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of why maintaining your common areas is crucial and how you can save your association from unnecessary expenses. Increased Repair Costs Due to Inflation It’s no secret that […]

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Finding compassionate

Finding Compassionate Solutions Over Foreclosure Threats in HOAs

By Mitch Drimmer / 5 September, 2023

By: Mitchell Drimmer, CAM Introduction: Homeowners Association (HOA) collections can be a stressful and daunting experience for homeowners who fall behind on their dues. Unfortunately, some HOAs resort to legal measures, leading to foreclosure threats, putting homeowners at risk of losing their cherished homes. However, a specialized collection agency that focuses on HOA collections can offer a more compassionate and understanding approach. In this article, we will explore the stark differences between attorneys who may pursue foreclosure and Axela Technologies who prioritize working with delinquent owners to find amicable solutions. When homeowners struggle to meet their HOA dues, traditional HOAs might seek legal assistance from attorneys to resolve the situation. Attorneys, driven by the legal process, often pursue foreclosure as the primary resolution. Foreclosure is […]

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Maintaining 2

Maintaining Your Reserve Study Will Save Your Condo and Possibly Your Life

By Mitch Drimmer / 14 August, 2023

By: Damian J Esparaza, CEP Smart Property It’s important that HOAs and condo associations maintain a healthy cash flow. That’s why delinquencies are such a heavy financial burden. But while your community has a budget you adhere to closely on the operating side, the capital expenditures side is rarely looked at as closely. In order to maintain a healthy cash flow, you need to make sure that your maintenance and replacement schedule stays on budget too. That’s where capital reserve planning comes in. Static Reserve Study Shortcomings You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it as long as you’re on the board: your community needs a reserve study to be successful. That’s only half true. The industry’s worst-kept secret is […]

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Even Condominiums need happy endings…It Could Happen

Even Condominiums need happy endings…It Could Happen. What

By Mitch Drimmer / 25 July, 2023

By Mitchell Drimmer, CAM, President, Axela-Technologies Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of a bustling city, there stood a vibrant condominium. This community, known as Mitchell Manor Condominium, had thrived for years with a strong sense of camaraderie among its residents. However, an unforeseen challenge lay on the horizon, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their peaceful abode. The residents of Mitchell Manor Condominium faced a mounting problem: delinquency payments due to inflation, special assessments, and increasing insurance costs. As dues went unpaid, the community’s financial stability began to waver, and its leadership knew that immediate action was necessary. It was during this time that Axela Technologies, a pioneering company specializing in innovative collection solutions for community association management, stepped forward […]

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What is Kaufman Language and Why is it Important to my HOA or Condo

What is Kaufman Language and Why is it Important to my HOA or Condo?

By Guest Poster / 5 July, 2023

B​y, Griffin Jordan, Licensed Florida Community Association Manager I​n November 2022, the North Carolina Supreme Court made a ruling that could impact all community associations. To summarize, the association got lucky that the court decided they were subject to foreclosurelaws passed after the Declaration was adopted because they were missing a crucial sentence that would have made the case much stronger. You can review the case in detail here, or you can keep reading for the takeaways that apply to your community association. The Language That You Need to Have in Your Declaration This phrase is not something new. In fact, the case it’s based on, Kaufman vs. Shere, was decided in 1977. But few seem to understand an important takeaway from that case. […]

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Collect Smarter Not Harder The Benefits of Leveraging Technology in HOA Collections

Collect Smarter, Not Harder: The Benefits of Leveraging Technology in HOA Collections

By Guest Poster / 20 June, 2023

by Patrick Hixson, Director of Sales Is your HOA struggling with collections? If so, you’re not alone. The traditional methods of collecting are time-consuming and inefficient. But what if there was a way to streamline the process and collect smarter, not harder? That’s where we enter the game. We are revolutionizing HOA collections with our cutting-edge API (Application Programming Interface) technology. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of using technology in HOA collections and how Axela Technologies is leading the way.  The Problem with Traditional HOA Collections “Old-school” HOA collections can be a headache for homeowners, management companies, and board members alike. Relying on your treasurer or management company staff to update ledgers, pull reports, and mail notices can lead to delayed […]

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Avoiding Discrimination Claims When Collecting Assessments

Avoiding Discrimination Claims When Collecting Assessments

By Mitch Drimmer / 6 June, 2023

by Dee Rowe, CCAM and Mitchell Drimmer, CAM Homeowners want to feel seen, heard, and secure in their community. But, when collecting assessments, HOAs can inadvertently create a discriminatory environment that leaves some members feeling left behind. In fact, discrimination claims are becoming more common in HOAs across the country, highlighting the need for transparent and fair policies that follow fair housing laws. In this article, we’ll explore best practices for avoiding discrimination claims when collecting assessments. By following these guidelines, boards can create a more inclusive community that values every member’s contribution. Understand the Fair Housing Act One way to ensure that your homeowners’ association is following fair housing laws is to have a solid understanding of the Fair Housing Act. […]

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Six ways HERO

6 Unexpected Ways an HOA Recovers Delinquent assessments.

By Guest Poster / 2 March, 2023

Money judgments are not an effective way for an HOA to collect delinquencies. It’s often more effective for an HOA to work with delinquent homeowners to find a mutually beneficial resolution. This may involve setting up a payment plan or finding alternative ways to resolve the delinquency.

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Why Money Judgments Don't Work for Assessment Collections

Why Money Judgments Don’t Work for Assessment

By Mitch Drimmer / 13 February, 2023

Money judgments are not an effective way for an HOA to collect delinquencies. It’s often more effective for an HOA to work with delinquent homeowners to find a mutually beneficial resolution. This may involve setting up a payment plan or finding alternative ways to resolve the delinquency.

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Is Your HOA or Condo Board Doing A Good Job?

Is Your HOA or Condo Board Doing A Good Job?

By Guest Poster / 23 January, 2023

The truth is, most Board members are honest people that meant well when they campaigned for election and mean well when they attend and vote in each meeting. They have reasons for making the unpopular decision that the residents complain about. Oftentimes those reasons are valid and the unpopular decision was actually the lesser of two evils. But, how do you know for sure?

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Collections 101 Statue

Collections 101: The statute of limitations and community association assessments

By Mitch Drimmer / 9 January, 2023

The length of time allowed under a statute of limitations varies depending upon the jurisdiction it is being disputed. So, where the statute of limitations in your state may be six years, it could be four years in another state.

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HOA Collections Spend Less Collect More

HOA Collections Done Right: Spend Less, Collect More

By Mitch Drimmer / 29 November, 2022

Community association delinquency is a scourge every HOA has to deal with. When it comes time to begin the HOA collections process, consider this trick to spend less and collect more.

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HOA Foreclosure to Rent

The 5 Stages of Grief: HOA Foreclosure-to-Rent

By Mitch Drimmer / 31 October, 2022

Communities have a lot of options when dealing with delinquencies. Here are the hidden downsides to HOA foreclosure-to-rent.

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HOA Payment Plan

HOA Payment Plan Provisions to Protect Your Community

By Mitch Drimmer / 20 September, 2022

HOA delinquencies end in foreclosure too often. An HOA payment plan is an ethical option that can help communities get every penny they’re owed.

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3 Court Cases That Shaped Condo Debt Collection

3 Court Cases That Shaped the Way Your Association Pursues Condo Debt Collection

By Mitch Drimmer / 19 August, 2022

Condominium associations are subject to a wide variety of laws and doctrines. When it comes to condo debt collection, it can help to know the cases that put those restrictions in place. Here are three of the big ones.

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What is a Condition Precedent

Community Association Collections 101: What Is a Condition Precedent?

By Mitch Drimmer / 4 August, 2022

Before you can begin the HOA debt collection process, you’ll have to meet the condition precedents for collecting. But what does that actually mean? We’ll break it down.

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How Does an HOA Collections Company Really Work?

How Does an HOA Collections Company Really Work?

By Mitch Drimmer / 26 July, 2022

Life is full of mysteries. The way an HOA collections company works doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are the ins and outs of industry-specific collections for HOAs and condos.

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predatory HOA collections

Signs You’re In an Abusive Relationship With a Predatory HOA Collections Company

By Mitch Drimmer / 15 July, 2022

The sad truth is that predatory HOA collections companies are out there. Are you stuck in a bad contract with one of them? Look for these signs.

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How To Settle a Debt with an HOA Collection Agency

How To Settle a Debt with an HOA Collection Agency

By Mitch Drimmer / 7 July, 2022

Being in debt is stressful, but somehow getting out of debt can feel even more so. Working with, not against, an HOA collection agency helps reduce that worry.

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Do Not Sell Your HOA Debt

Do Not Sell Your HOA Debt to a “So-Called” HOA Collections Entity

By Mitch Drimmer / 17 June, 2022

Communities struggling with delinquency can sometimes resort to drastic measures. Selling their HOA debt is one tactic guaranteed to do more harm than good.

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Collecting from Military Homeowners

What Not To Do When Collecting from Military Homeowners

By Mitch Drimmer / 9 June, 2022

Collecting from delinquent homeowners is never easy, but harder still is collecting from military homeowners. The SCRA explains what HOAs can and cannot do while attempting to collect from an active duty service member.

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Cost of HOA Collections

How Much Should Your Community Pay for HOA Collections?

By Mitch Drimmer / 2 June, 2022

Collecting from delinquent homeowners in your HOA or condo association can be expensive. But should it be? Exactly how much should your community be paying for HOA collections?

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Should you pay HOA Dues

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your HOA Dues?

By Mitch Drimmer / 10 May, 2022

There are a lot of reason why it’s important to pay your condo or HOA dues. But sometimes life throws a curveball that makes managing finances difficult. Here’s what can happen if your HOA dues are the bill that goes unpaid.

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HOA Collections Agency

3 Reasons to Hire an HOA Collections Agency to Manage Your Delinquencies

By Mitch Drimmer / 26 April, 2022

Community associations don’t have a lot of options when it comes to collecting past-due assessments from delinquent homeowners. Here are 3 reasons why an HOA collections agency is the right choice for managing your delinquencies.

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