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Advice, tips and tricks to assist members of the board, directors and trustees for HOAs, Condos and Co-Ops.

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How the Future Collects

Virtual Board Meetings

Are Virtual Board Meetings Better for Community Associations?

By Mitch Drimmer / 28 May, 2020

The pandemic has forced us to make changes to the status quo. Virtual board meetings may be one thing that will stick even after the lockdown is over.

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Community Association Fund Recovery

Community Association Fund Recovery For Your Safety

By Mitch Drimmer / 14 April, 2020

HOA collections is a matter of security and cannot be delayed. Prioritize community association fund recovery over punishment.

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what board members dont know

HOA Boards of Directors…Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

By Mitch Drimmer / 10 January, 2019

The Dunning-Kruger effect describes a cognitive bias in which people of limited or no experience mistakenly assess their skill level as greater than it is…

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