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Community Association Assessments Calculator

Community Association Assessments Calculator

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The amount your community should charge for assessments should be based on a formula that calculates from your expenses, planned reserve contribution and bad debt write-offs to determine a reasonable assessment rate that keeps your community in the black.

Don't work backwards from the assessment amount! Figure out what your budget needs to include and let our assessment calculator tell you what assessments need to be to cover the planned budget!

This free calculator is intended for boards to use as a budgeting tool to determine the 'right' amount to set assessments in the coming year. We've provided a simple version and a variable rate version to accommodate the needs of your community.

Simply plug in your budget numbers to the spreadsheet, and the calculator will give you the assessment amounts for each lot type, as well as the final amounts to include in your coupon books for individual owners.

Complete the form to get this calculator now and stop with the guesswork!


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Community Association Assessments Calculator

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