This Isn’t Why You Volunteered to Serve on your HOA or Condominium Association Board!

Serving on the Board of your HOA or condominium association can be a challenging and rewarding experience as well as an opportunity for you to apply your skills and talents to the benefit of yourself and your fellow association members. Whether your association is self-managed, professionally managed, or a hybrid of self and professionally managed, your service on the Board of Directors guides the community to success or failure. You very likely got your start as a Community Association Volunteer Leader for one of the following reasons:

  • You wanted to make a difference in your HOA or condominium association.
  • You wanted to lend your expertise in leadership or business.
  • You wanted to protect your investment in the association and keep a closer eye on the association’s finances.

All of these are great reasons to get involved! A calling to serve and support your community is an incredibly admirable choice. But no good deeds go unpunished, as they say.

When home and unit owners pay their common fees and assessments in a timely fashion you can spend your time pursuing the business of the association. But what happens when fellow home or unit owners fail to meet their financial obligations? Business eventually grinds to a halt. Non-payers cost your association money, cost you and your fellow board members their time, and can eventually cost other residents even more than they’re already paying to keep the community running. What is a board member to do when that happens? Are you going to take on HOA bill collection? Are you deal with the uncomfortable situation of pursuing your neighbors for payment for their delinquent association dues and fees? 

This isn’t why you volunteered to serve on your HOA or condo association board!

Outsourcing HOA Bill Collection

As a Board member, you routinely contract with professionals to handle many obligations of the association. Whether it is grounds keeping, trash removal, property management, pool maintenance, or a myriad of other tasks, the association hires licensed and insured professionals to handle the work. Did you know you can also bring in a licensed and insured professional to handle HOA bill collections for your association?

Axela Technologies offers you the opportunity to use a professional collection agency to pursue delinquent homeowners and clear up delinquencies without requiring you to make direct contact in person or on the phone to discuss the unpleasant topic of the money owed to the association by the homeowner. Even a simple task like going to your mailbox can become uncomfortable because of a recent discussion of your neighbor’s indebtedness to the association. 

Stick with what you know and love about being a community association volunteer leader. Do what you can to protect the association’s assets, enhance property values, and make your community a better place to live and invest. Outsource the uncomfortable task of HOA bill collection to a professional collection agency, just as you would outsource any other task that the association needs to have done. Make volunteering to serve on your HOA or condominium association Board a worthwhile and enriching experience. Chasing down your neighbors for money isn’t the reason you volunteered to serve. Use Axela to handle that task and focus on what you love. We’ll take care of the collections and keep your community a comfortable home for you and your neighbors.

Get in touch with Axela Technologies and avoid the uncomfortable task of collecting delinquent assessments for you and your association members. Axela Technologies handles all collections on a merit-based system. Visit our website at today and ask to speak to one of our delinquency collection experts.

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