Community Association Collections…Helping out the Debtor…Really.

Community association Collections or for that matter any debt that is delinquent often deteriorates into a bitter cycle of pain.  The property owner may fall into hard times and cannot afford their payments due to unforeseen consequences, and an unfortunate process begins.  First, there is the courtesy notes from the association and then if that fails to result into a payment the matter is sent to either an attorney or community association collection agency for action.

The actions usually taken are often harsh and punitive (this is not an easy process). Community Association Collections initial demand letters go out (required by the FDCPA), notice of intent to lien letters follow, and if you have sent the file to an attorney a foreclosure is on the horizon.  If you have sent the file to a community associations collections company there will be liens filed, skip traces performed, outbound calls made, and credit bureau reporting done.  Without success it eventually devolves into a cycle of pain for both the debtor and the community association.  What can be done to end the pain and set everything right?

The answer is in the outbound call, the training of the caller and the philosophy of the community association collections company.  When debtors fall on hard times sometimes a helping hand is what they need.  When expenses are greater than income you do have options that you may not even know about.

A proper collections company will not just depend on demand letters, outbound calls and credit bureau reporting to effectuate a recovery but will also consider ways to improve a debtor’s situation by working with them to obtain gainful employment, reduction of their debt and even government assistance if they are qualified.  Many people have not managed their finances properly and well trained outbound callers from collections companies can turn things around to help their client the creditor (community association) and their client the debtor (delinquent owner). Community Association Collections with brains, humanity, and a heart will get results. At Axela Technologies our collectors are trained to help debtors find the resources and help that they may need to get back on track.

A little help, concern, care and knowledge can result in a proper conclusion to a difficult problem.


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