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Is Your HOA or Condo Board Doing A Good Job?

Is Your HOA or Condo Board Doing A Good Job?

By Guest Poster / 23 January, 2023

The truth is, most Board members are honest people that meant well when they campaigned for election and mean well when they attend and vote in each meeting. They have reasons for making the unpopular decision that the residents complain about. Oftentimes those reasons are valid and the unpopular decision was actually the lesser of two evils. But, how do you know for sure?

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Special Assessments

The Real Risks of Repeat Special Assessments in Your HOA

By Mitch Drimmer / 13 October, 2022

Special assessments should be exactly that–special. But many boards make the mistake of relying on them for standard funding. Here’s why that’s a problem.

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The Infinite Game in Condo Governance

The Infinite Game in Condo Governance

By Mitch Drimmer / 8 September, 2022

Some games are finite, timed and measured. Other are infinite, unending. Condo governance is an infinite game, but too many play it like there’s a score to be kept.

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Axela - After HOA Foreclosure

What Happens After an HOA Foreclosure?

By Bob Gourley / 25 May, 2022

Once a collections attorney completes an HOA foreclosure, what happens? How does the HOA or Condo Association recover delinquent funds?

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Condo Deconversion

Condo Deconversion: The Good, The Bad, and the Reality

By Griffin Jordan / 15 April, 2022

Real-estate prices are reaching staggering heights and costs of building maintenance appear to be matching those numbers. Condo deconversion is the latest topic of conversation in the HOA industry. Here’s the truth about what it can mean for your condominium.

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Community Association Document Retention

The Mystery of the Missing Minutes: How Community Association Document Retention Protects Against Liability

By Mitch Drimmer / 23 September, 2021

When did that rule get changed? Who voted, and when? It should be in the meeting minutes, but where did they go?

By the time you get sued, it will be too late to go back and implement a Community Association Document Retention policy. You need to put it in place now!

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Pre-Foreclosure Anaysis

Pre-Foreclosure Analysis: What Boards of Directors Need to Know Before They Make the Decision to Foreclose

By Mitch Drimmer / 3 June, 2021

To foreclose, or not to foreclose? That is the question… With a complete and comprehensive Pre-Foreclosure Analysis from Axela Technologies, your board of directors can now make an informed decision and save money.

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Virtual Board Meetings

Are Virtual Board Meetings Better for Community Associations?

By Mitch Drimmer / 28 May, 2020

The pandemic has forced us to make changes to the status quo. Virtual board meetings may be one thing that will stick even after the lockdown is over.

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covid-19 relief questions for community associations

Should Homeowners Pay Maintenance Fees, and Other COVID-19 Relief Questions

By Mitch Drimmer / 26 March, 2020

Foreclosures deferred, mortgages on pause and amenities closed – Coronavirus has brought a lot of change to community associations. And with change comes questions. We have the answers.

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Suspecting your Condo HOA board of mismanagement

5 Steps to Take if you Suspect Your HOA or Condo Board of Mismanaging Funds

By Mitch Drimmer / 13 February, 2020

What do you do if you suspect that your condo or HOA board of directors is mismanaging association funds?

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There's No Excuse for Not Paying Assessments

By Mitch Drimmer / 17 October, 2019

Homeowners have a lot of excuses for why they didn’t pay assessments. Here’s how to respond…

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Read Your Governing Docs

An Easy Guide to Understanding Condo and HOA Governing Documents

By Mitch Drimmer / 14 August, 2019

Every member of a community association should be familiar with its governing documents. Here’s what you need to look for…

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Why Your Community Association Needs a Uniform Collection Policy

By Mitch Drimmer / 8 May, 2019

Struggling with the procedures to collect on delinquent assessments? Here’s a blueprint policy for your board to adopt…

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what board members need to know

HOA Boards of Directors…Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

By Mitch Drimmer / 10 January, 2019

The Dunning-Kruger effect describes a cognitive bias in which people of limited or no experience mistakenly assess their skill level as greater than it is…

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Are there delinquencies your board of directors does not want to address?

By Mitch Drimmer / 2 October, 2018

Is your board of directors ignoring the elephant that is uncollected past due assessments? Take care of it now before it becomes a circus!

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CONDO & HOA COLLECTIONS… How to formulate a Uniform Collection Policy

By Mitch Drimmer / 13 June, 2018

All Community associations need a UCP (Uniform Collection Policy), but they are not as easy to formulate as you would think.  Here are some suggestions on how to go about putting together a UCP and, more importantly, enforcing it

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Communication is good…Data Is Critical for Condos and HOAs

By Mitch Drimmer / 24 May, 2018

All the talking heads say communications is most important to condo and HOA management, but I believe data is critical.

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Community Association Document Management…Where does EVERYTHING go?

By Mitch Drimmer / 17 May, 2018

If your association does not have a document retention policy, you are flirting with risk and liability.

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HOA and Condo Delinquencies is still a Problem

By Mitch Drimmer / 20 March, 2018

Would you buy into a community association where a special assessment was inevitable? Learn from the last crisis and be proactive about delinquencies.

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What you don't know about HOA delinquencies

HOA & Condo Delinquencies What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You

By Mitch Drimmer / 29 January, 2018

What do you know about your delinquent units and what position they are putting your association in?

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