Safeguarding Your Community’s Cash Flow

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

…A Community Association Cash Flow Fable… or is it?

In your journey to maintain a perfect cash flow scenario for your community association, you will find yourself going down the “Yellow Brick Road” chasing delinquencies. It’s a long, hard road to the Emerald City where everybody pays their assessments, and you’ll need friends with brain, heart and courage to help get you there.

Your current process probably involves sending delinquent accounts to your lawyer to lien and foreclose. Before you continue down that dark path, you should ask: Is it really necessary to foreclose on a property? Is there a kinder, more gentle way to recover the money to keep the community functioning? The answer is yes, and there is one step you can take before you call in the big guns. Now is the time to be prudent and partner with a specialized collection agency to help you recover your funds.

Axela Technologies, is a specialized collection agency that can help you recover your community’s funds without kicking your neighbors out of their homes. We offer an innovative option that gets the job done and gets your money back into the operating account.

  • Axela believes foreclosing on a property should be the LAST resort to recover delinquent and unpaid assessments because we have a heart.
  • Axela works with your delinquent Condo or HOA homeowners to reason with them to pay their obligations, because Axela has a brain.
  • Axela has the courage to do the heavy lifting and produce consequences that will get your community its money.

If you believe that “there is no place like home” and want your property to have the cash flow it requires to function, contact the wizards at Axela Technologies… We are the real deal, and we don’t hide behind curtains.

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