Axela Technologies Names Patrick Hixson as New Director of Sales

Patrick Hixson new hire

MIAMI, July 8, 2022 ( – Axela Technologies, the nation’s leading collections provider for the community association management (CAM) industry, has announced the addition of Patrick Hixson as its new director of sales. Hixson will report to CEO Martin Urruela and will oversee the company’s continued national growth.

Hixson brings more than 20 years of real estate and CAM knowledge to Axela. An industry veteran, his extensive background includes experience with well-known industry software providers, including AssociationREADY, TOPS Software, and ClickPay.

Through his leadership, Hixson has established a record of consistently meeting and exceeding sales volume and recurring revenue expectations. Additionally, his wealth of knowledge has positioned him as a critical decision-maker in strategic national expansion for these organizations. These accomplishments reflect Hixson’s skills and insight, which Axela plans to utilize for its own planned growth.

“Axela is lucky to have Patrick on board,” says Urruela. “His expertise in our industry is unmatched. His skillset, supported by our outstanding sales team, will usher in another year of record growth for Axela. We are looking forward to working with him.”

Hixson shares similar sentiments, saying: “I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Axela for many years, and I’ve always admired their innovative solution, strong ethics, and dedication to their clients. Axela is transforming the perception of debt collection, and I’m looking forward to contributing to that cause.”

Axela Technologies is the industry’s only collection solution provider focused on ethical, effective collections for HOAs and condo associations. Axela’s distinctive approach to collections replaces the need to engage costly attorneys or pursue devastating legal action and instead focuses on effective, respectful homeowner engagement to stabilize cash flow for community associations.

Hixson’s hire is part of the company’s strategic recruitment response to the industry’s growing demand for a new approach to HOA debt collection. Axela is actively hiring across all departments.


Axela Technologies develops collections software that specializes in recovering delinquent assessments for the benefit of community associations. Axela reduces the cost of outreach and engagement by automating much of the standardized collections process, all while providing exceptional customer service. Axela’s technology platform seamlessly moves collections through helpful and friendly engagement with delinquent owners in a process that is entirely compliant with the FDCA, TCPA, and FCRA. Call 305-392-0389 to learn more.


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