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Free Demo

Community Association Delinquency Collections for Condos and HOAs: See Axela's Easy Collect Portal For Yourself!

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At Axela Technologies, we believe that clients should be able to check on the status of collection files in real-time, so we developed a client portal that provides the insight and transparency you need.

Using the portal, a client can download reports, submit new files, and communicate directly with their collections team. If a file is escalated to legal action, attorneys continue working through the Axela platform, ensuring that clients stay informed throughout the entire recovery process.

In your free demonstration of Axela Technologies customer portal, our expert will show you how easy it is to:

  • Submit and assign new cases (automated if your accounting software is connected!)
  • Setup payment plan options on a per community basis.
  • Track progress and monitor payments from debtors.
  • Monitor collections activity including calls, mail, text and emails.
  • Conduct two-way communications with the collections team.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on collections status.

You'll also see how the process works for a delinquent owner and the transparency Axela’s tools provide into the collection process, with every action from a client’s collections team being logged and documented for their review (even call recordings!)

When it comes to building solutions that allow clients to recover money, good enough is not enough.

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