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About Axela Technologies

Our Story

Axela was founded by seasoned board members who asked themselves the same question: "Why is collections so expensive and ineffective?" The answer was in the process. So we set out to develop the technology that would make it simpler and more cost-effective.

A Better Collections Process

It starts by integrating with the leading accounting software providers. We monitor our clients' Accounts Receivable and notify them when an owner should be escalated to third-party collections, eliminating the need to constantly be checking owner balances and manually exchanging information.

Engagement is the key to successful collections. Our collections process emphasizes respectful engagement with property owners using a combination of notifications, phone calls, and various online tools. Collection calls can be uncomfortable and are often avoided, so we provide owners with an online portal where they can access their account and work to resolve the delinquency on their time. They can also opt-in to receive email and text notifications with regards to their accounts.

Technology Custom Built for Condo/HOA Collections

We believe that our clients should be able to check on the status of their collection files in real-time, so we developed a client portal that provides the insight and transparency they need. Clients can download reports, submit new files, and communicate directly with our collections team. If a file is escalated to legal action, attorneys continue working on our platform, ensuring that our clients stay informed through the entire recovery process.

When it comes to recovering money for our clients, good enough is not enough. Contact us to learn how we can improve your collections and recovery process.

Free Collections Analysis

Need a Better Cash Flow for Your Condo or HOA?

Your Collections process may be what's holding your budget back. Let us help with this free analysis of your collections process.

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